We believe in making your every journey the experience of a lifetime!

Journeys Worldwide was founded in 1988 to provide small group tours to Africa, India and Borneo. The company soon branched into other tours and also became a specialist “Total Solar Eclipse Tour Operator”, having operated solar eclipse tours to Chile, Zimbabwe, Libya, Easter Island, China, Australia and Western United States & Canada.

We now focus primarily on organising small group tours, worldwide.

We offer our services to work with you to find the ideal journey to suit you, whether it be an African safari, Antarctic cruise, tiger tracking in India or a culinary journey aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

We have a strong focus on eco-friendly and sustainable tourism and we are committed to incorporate these values in every aspect of your journey. We are also committed to work with locals at your destination to offer you the most authentic experiences. We truly believe that travel has the power to support the communities we visit and improve their quality of life. We make sure that the locals benefit from tourism and empower them to share their heritage, culture, improve their livelihoods and contribute to sustainable development wherever it is possible.

We are experienced and passionate about travel, having travelled extensively ourselves and are well equipped to provide personal advice on travelling to foreign countries.​

We are fully qualified to help you with all aspects of your travel, from the planning stages to arriving home safely.

Our team member wearing a hat and a backpack.


Safari guide - & owner

Sean Lues loves our natural world. Inspired as a young boy by wild animals wandering through the family farm in Zimbabwe, he grew up destined to become a safari guide to the great wild places of our beautiful earth.

Fast forward and Sean remains fascinated by ecological links and landscapes and the communities around them, building his career leading and managing some of the most highly acclaimed camps in Africa. In 1994 he stood out from the crowd to win the Zimbabwe Professional Guides Association ‘Guide of the Year’ award, later going on to teach and act as examiner himself. In other words, he is an extremely experienced, capable and knowledgeable guide and you can trust him with your life.

A dab hand with a camera, Sean’s eye for detail has also seen him win a number of photography prizes. His work has been published in various magazines, as well as in books such as The Wild Heart of Africa by Rolf Baldus, and Kariba Birds. He also spent extended time behind the lens in Belize, commissioned to take photographs for Belizean National Parks.

After 11 years in Tanzania, Sean and his wife moved to call Australia home in 2016. They have two children and are very much enjoying bringing up a new generation of world explorers. In fact, Sean has grown particularly passionate about showing all new travellers the places he has loved and seeing them again through fresh eyes. Africa is his specialty and he finds great reward in designing personalised itineraries and tours. For him, it’s the next best thing to being out there when he can’t be out there himself and he loves to trade stories with the many clients who return to Journeys Worldwide again and again.

A woman in a hat smiling with Our Team in front of a building.

Margaret Freebairn

Tour Manager

We can’t remember when Margaret joined the team, but we know it was before 2000 – so over 20 years ago.

Margaret has been travelling the world personally and professionally as an executive tour director for over 30 years and has led well-over 100 trips, both internationally and within Australia, having been on the Trans-Siberian railway, through Russia, Jordan, through most (all?) the -stan countries and across through all of the countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan etc.​

North America has certainly not escaped her attention and she has crisscrossed this area a number of times.​

A specialist in the Indian sub-continent, Margaret has led numerous bespoke luxury journeys to both popular and more remote locations including Goa, Varanasi, Jaipur, Udaipur and Kathmandu, Nepal. Margaret has an extraordinary knowledge of the country, it’s culture, history and diverse range of peoples. She has developed long term relationships with a unique and eclectic collection of local people including villagers, artisans, fashion designers, block print fabric printers, monks, spiritual healers, hoteliers, restaurateurs and performers.​

North Africa is also a real interest for Margaret and we are looking at putting together a guided itinerary to Morocco soon.

Lauren Sullivan

Tour Manager

After immersing myself in global exploration over the last decade, I’ve embarked on a new journey in Australia, dedicated to facilitating unforgettable travel experiences for people seeking the world’s most remarkable destinations.
With a passion for the African continent, nurtured during my time living in South Africa and extensive travels across the region, I bring a wealth of firsthand knowledge to my role.
Previously, I honed my expertise as an Africa specialist with a reputable company in the USA, and now I’m expanding my horizons to include Europe and Asia.
Prior to my career as a travel consultant, I’ve worn many hats, from owning a hostel, to guiding tours and contributing as a research assistant in a study focused on elephants in South Africa.

Cheerful Brenda Evaristo, consultant at Journeys Worldwide

Brenda Evaristo


Brenda is a seasoned traveller and professional in the travel industry. With extensive experience and expertise, she possesses a wealth of knowledge about various destinations, travel logistics, and customer service. Her familiarity with different provinces in the Philippines and countries across Asia showcases her deep appreciation for diverse cultures, landscapes, and experiences. Brenda’s love for beaches, mountains, cities, and exotic places highlights her versatile taste for adventure.

In her role handling different departments in international travel agencies and airline accounts, Brenda has honed her skills in customer relations, problem-solving, and navigating complex travel systems.

Brenda excels in building rapport with travellers, understanding their needs, and offering personalised recommendations. Her ability to blend professional expertise with a genuine love for travel makes her an invaluable asset to our team.


Journeys Worldwide has a passion for Elephants and want to ensure their survival. There are currently about 400,000 to 500,000 elephants in the wild in Africa and 20,000 to 40,000 in the wild in Asia.

African elephants are listed as Vulnerable and Asian elephants as Endangered.

Rangers and community-based operations are on the frontlines of the fight against wildlife crime. One of the biggest threats to elephants and indeed wildlife in general, is habitat loss. Conflict with humans in neighbouring communities, where residents are often of extremely poor backgrounds, is a desperate issue many populations face. Only if these communities of people see a financial value in having elephants survive, will their long term future be secure.


Journeys Worldwide is in the process of working with communities to mitigate conflict with elephants and are proud to be associated with PAMS Foundation. By booking with us you will help us save Elephants.

Fun Facts About Elephants

  • The ears of an African Elephant can reach up to 5 feet long and account for about 10 % of their body surface area. When flapped, they act as big radiators, cooling the blood that runs close to the surface on the back of their ears.
  • Elephants are known for their incredible memory. Matriarchs will remember the trails and watering holes and how to navigate the seasons, all knowledge handed down by their ancestors for generations, and knowledge so vital for their survival. Bull elephants will leave the herds (often involuntarily) in their mid-teens and will often join an older bull to learn the extended ranges of the males.
  • Elephants will walk at the pace of their slowest member, with infants surrounded by nurturing members of the herd, and their young babies are always protected from the elements, like the wind, the rain and the sun.