We believe in making your every journey the experience of a lifetime!

Journeys Worldwide was founded in 1988 to provide small group tours to Africa, India and Borneo. The company soon branched into other tours and also became a specialist “Total Solar Eclipse Tour Operator”, having now operated solar eclipse tours to Chile, Zimbabwe, Libya, Easter Island, China, Australia and Western United States & Canada.

We offer our services to work with you to find the ideal journey to suit you, whether it be an African safari, worldwide cruise, tour to India, train journey or a simple air ticket.

Our dedicated team of travel consultants who are experienced and passionate about travel. Our consultants have traveled extensively themselves and are well equipped to provide personal advice on traveling to foreign countries.​

Our team are fully qualified to help you with all aspects of your travel, from the planning stages to arriving home safely.

As well as:

– Visas
– Passports
– Vaccinations
– Insurance

(significant discounts offered with our preferred providers)

Journeys Worldwide has a passion for Elephants and want to ensure their survival. There are currently about 400,000 to 500,000 elephants in the wild in Africa and 20,000 to 40,000 in the wild in Asia.

African elephants are listed as Vulnerable and Asian elephants as Endangered.

Rangers and community-based operations are on the frontlines of the fight against wildlife crime. One of the biggest threats to elephants and indeed wildlife in general, is habitat loss. Conflict with humans in neighbouring communities, where residents are often of extremely poor backgrounds, is a desperate issue many populations face. Only if these communities of people see a financial value in having elephants survive, will their long term future be secure.


Journeys Worldwide is in the process of working with communities to mitigate conflict with elephants and are proud to be associated with PAMS Foundation. By booking with us you will help us save Elephants.

Fun Facts About Elephants

  • The ears of an African Elephants can reach up to 5 feet long and account for about 10 % of their body surface area. When flapped, they act as big radiators, cooling the blood that runs close to the surface behind their ears.
  • Elephants are known for their incredible memory. Matriarchs will remember the trails and watering holes and how to navigate the seasons, all knowledge handed down by their ancestors for generations, and knowledge so vital for their survival. Bull elephants will leave the herds (often involuntarily) in their mid-teens and will often join an older bull to learn the extended ranges of the males.
  • Elephants will walk at the pace of their slowest member, with infants surrounded by nurturing members of the herd, and their young babies are always protected from the elements, like the wind, the rain and the sun.