Making a Difference

At Journeys Worldwide we pride ourselves in offering a service that revolves around knowledge, understanding our clients needs and providing a genuine desire to provide a journey of a lifetime.

Our consultants have traveled extensively themselves and are well equipped to provide personal advice on traveling to foreign countries.

We offer personalised itineraries as per your requirements, privately guided trips and organised tours.

Our Tour Leaders have extensive knowledge of the local areas, understand the culture and customs and often develop strong relationships with the local communities to ensure your journey is truly one of a kind.

Why Use a Private Guide or Tour Leader?

We offer privately guided and set itineraries that will be led by a tour leader.

People will often ask why use a private guide or need a tour leader? Private guides and tour leaders not only share their knowledge and expertise of an area but they have the ability to get to know their clients and what their preferences are. This ensures that the experience is perfectly suited to your needs. For example – if you are travelling as a family, it is important that your day to day activities will be interesting and engaging for adults and younger members of the family.

A group of people making a difference, standing on a street with a tablet in their hands.

Sean lues

MD of Journeys Worldwide & Safari Guide

Margaret Freebairn

Executive Tour Leader

our environment

Wherever your heart wants to take you, we try to ensure that your experience is sustainable. We want to preserve the wild places that inspire us: the lush rainforests, the vibrant coral reefs, the snowy landscapes and the striking deserts.

We are proudly associated with the following organisations, to ensure we have a contribution to a brighter future.

At the Pams Foundation, they have a vision to enable a world in which wildlife and wild places are secure and communities have the support necessary to live safely and in harmony with wildlife.

We have witnessed first-hand the incredible, selfless effort they put in and whole-heartedly support this organisation.

Kisampa Carbon Zero has a goal “To protect and expand natural habitats that act as carbon sinks and provide suitable environments for wildlife. In doing so empowering people to manage these natural resources sustainably for the greater good of their communities and the planet as a whole.”

Kisampa has a special place in the hearts of Sean and his family, having visited numerous times. We have seen the positive effects that Kisampa has for the community and the value the people place on the environment and wildlife.

Let’s all be part of a more sustainable world.

Journeys Worldwide supports Sustainable Social and encourages everyone to assist in each person’s or organisation’s little way – collectively we will make a difference!