Dusty Memories of Africa

Social media is a wonderful memory jogger. I have just had a ‘6 years ago’ memory pop up on Facebook. This picture was a family photo of all of us at the top of the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania. We lived in Tanzania for 11 years, so possibly just a weekend trip, as you do when you live so close to some of the world’s most famous national parks.

I have often been asked how we coped going on safari with the children. All I can say is they absolutely loved it and their passion for animals and nature began at a very young age. Their little minds just absorb so much information and their enthusiasm to learn and see new things is quite contagious. We had days of looking at bones and dung, other days sitting quietly watching a waterhole waiting patiently for something to come down for a drink.

When we were on safari our two small children would almost instinctively sit very still and just quietly watch the animals from the vehicle window. We never heard “are we there yet”, “how much longer?” We mostly got, ‘ahhhh no, do we have to go, can we just stay a bit longer.’

Our evenings would consist of sitting around camp fires star gazing and retelling our sightings of the day. The nights would be full of exciting sounds, but not enough to stop us from falling asleep, exhausted from the day but can’t wait for the morning so we can do it all again.

These memories have been etched into our minds and will hopefully stay forever. Every day will continue to be an adventure no matter where we are. Always stay curious.

Will Smith Quote: “It feels like God visits everywhere else, but lives in Africa.”

Africa will hold many memories for us as a family. There will be times of great nostalgia. Today as I go through my old photos, I find a folder simply called ‘Joseph’ . Joseph was an elephant that used to come into one of the camps we worked at in the Selous Game Reserve. If there was ever an elephant with character, he was it! There were days he would look at us and do something naughty. One particular time I have in mind is when he was at the entrance to the main dining area of the camp. The guides were all shouting and trying to get him to stay out! He gave them all a hard look, kicked a pot plant with his back foot, smashing the pot and plant. He then simply walked off in a sulk.

There are a great many stories, including our Christmas Cake being eaten on Christmas Eve. Until next time.