What better time to holiday in Australia?

Australia is known for its stunning coastal areas, crystal clear waters, unique animals and the dramatic vastness of the outback. Rich Aboriginal history, art and Dreamtime stories filled with mystical intrigue. Snow-capped mountains, modern and vibrant cities, tropical rainforests and scenic hinterland are all part of the Australian journey. Of course, the multicultural population also brings a delectable array of cuisine, wine and coffee to our tables.​ There is so much to explore whether it be by road, train, cycle, foot, kayak, cruise, camel or air.​ Take a small peak into what this incredible country has to offer.​ Because we are based in Queensland, we have a bias of offers here, but please do browse through to see all we have to offer:

Tours with sibylle & trevor

We’re very excited to start offering tours with Sibylle & Trevor!

They have been leading tours around Queensland and are passionate about supporting both rural communities and small local businesses. Trevor & Sibylle spent the majority of their lives outback and are now leading fun groups around the country.

The online brochures below are full of information and wonderful journeys which take you all over Australia.

Contact us to discuss your next Australian journey.

Australian Bushfires, drought, floods and Covid

The fires that raged through Australia have been catastrophic and our thoughts are with all the communities – human, animal and other – that have been so terribly affected!

Affected communities had started rebuilding (and we are so grateful for the overwhelming support that’s poured in from around the world to help them do so) and then Covid-19 hit and then floods and still the pandemic of Covid and border closures, both international and state, have negatively affected economies and communities.

If you live in Australia and now with things opening up – please consider the amazing and unique destinations, culture and wildlife Australia has to offer. By travelling to these destinations, your support is immediate and helps to rebuild economies and create support for these areas.

If you would like to help with recovery, but are unable to travel to these communities, please see suggested organisations below where you can donate:

Journeys Worldwide acknowledges Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Traditional Owners and custodians of the land. We recognise their connection to land, sea and community and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.