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Our tours have been carefully crafted to inspire and delight travelers seeking an unforgettable adventure. We take pride in offering the highest level of service, tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our safari trips promise an immersive and authentic experience in the heart of the African bush. We also offer holidays to remote and exotic destinations, designed to provide a once-in-a-lifetime journey of discovery. Traveling in small, private groups with our experienced and knowledgeable guides ensures that your journey is both safe and personalised.

Our expert guides are experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that every client enjoys an extraordinary journey.

Our escorted tours are a seamless blend of adventure and luxury, designed to exceed your expectations at every turn. Come join us on a journey where the world becomes your playground, and exotic destinations are just a flight away.

South African Group Journey - January 2024

Table Mountain, Cape Town

Enchanting Beaches and Safari Adventures + Winelands - 12 days

Starts 11th January in Cape Town – only $4,299 per person

Join Lauren on an unforgettable 11-night journey to Cape Town.

With exclusive boutique hotel accommodations, an internal flight from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth and convenient transport between destinations, you’ll experience the best of South Africa’s stunning landscapes.
Embark on a thrilling game drive in De Hoop National Park and enjoy five more game drives in Amakhala National Park, where you’ll have the chance to spot a variety of wildlife.
Indulge in three meals a day while on safari.
Explore the Cape Peninsula with a guided tour by Lauren and an opportunity to visit the endangered penguins of Boulders Beach.
Book now for an enriching and memorable adventure.

Hidden & Wild India - February 2024

A lion in the grass with Escorted tours open wide.

Starts 28th February in Chennai – only $5,983 per person

Embark on a sensational 13-day odyssey through the enchanting landscapes of “Hidden India”, where the ancient treasures and vibrant traditions of this mesmerizing country come alive.
On this tour to India, visit their last remaining jungle royalty, the endangered Asiatic lions amongst their abundant subjects of diverse wildlife in Gir National Park.
Explore Chennai and unlock the secrets of the picturesque Pondicherry, where the salty breeze is adorned with the fragrant blossoms of jasmine and exotic spices.
Delight your taste buds with the tempting flavors of Gujarat’s culinary delights, as the aromatic aromas of freshly ground spices dance in the air.
Margaret is accompanying throughout and has an infectious passion for India’s rich culture, history and diverse people.

The Great Migration Safari - Tanzania, September 2024

Wildebeest crossing shallow lake filled with flamingos in Serengeti during the Great Migration

Embark on a journey of a lifetime with the Great Migration Safari in Tanzania’s national parks.

Witness the awe-inspiring Great Migration phenomenon up close and personal.

Luxury camps curated for a comfortable and private oasis, exclusive to our group.

Group size limited to 12 to allow for an intimate & authentic experience.

Expert guide, Sean Lues, will enlighten guests about the region’s rich flora and fauna.

The safari promises extraordinary wildlife sightings and unique cultural encounters, focusing on privileged access to breathtaking locations.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore Tanzania’s natural wonders in luxury and exclusivity with our Great Migration Safari -an unforgettable adventure.

Click here to see our safari in more detail

Spice Odyssey through Morocco

from AU$9,895 pp

Let your taste buds unravel the mysteries of a cuisine steeped in history and tradition. From the aromatic blend of spices in the tagines to the flaky layers of the pastries, each dish whispers secrets of the land, the people and their stories. Follow the tantalizing scents through bustling medinas and quiet alleyways and discover the hidden gems that await you at every turn.

In addition to the culinary delights Morocco has to offer, explore some of its extensive Roman sites, including the last outpost of the empire at Sala’a Colonia and the intricate mosaics of Volubilis. Visit a donkey retirement village, explore the UNESCO listed ksar of Ait Benhaddou and spend a night among a thousand stars in a desert camp at Agafay.

In this culinary adventure, let the food be your guide, and the enigma of Morocco will unfold before you.

The Definitive Jordan Tour.

Discover a land brimming with archaeological treasures and lost cities on this epic adventure through the sandy, barren and beautiful landscapes of Jordan. Marvel at the vastness of the site of Jerash in the country’s north and safari into the east to explore Jordan’s remote desert castles. Spend a day tending a flock of sheep with a local shepherd and another floating in the Dead Sea, the lowest place on Earth. Go on Safari for Oryzx at Azraq, see the intriguing Madaba Map and view the expanse of Jordan from the top of Mt Nebo.

We feel no trip to Jordan would be complete without a trip to the ‘lost city of Petra’ and don’t worry we give you plenty of free time to explore the site on your own. So, don your Indiana Jones hat, jump on a horse and ride down through the Siq and explore for yourself.
This tour is done in conjunction with our friends at Inverted Atlas.