Why Small Group Tours Make for A Better Travel Experience

When it comes to travelling, one of the most hotly debated topics is whether to travel with a large group, a small group or just on your own. Generally, this depends on your preferences, however, there are some undeniable benefits to being on a small group tour that being on your own, or on a larger group tour simply doesn’t offer.

  1. Small Group Tours Have More Access to hidden gems and Experiences

Some experiences have very limited capacity and as such, cannot be included in large group tours. Our small group tours try to take you off the beaten track where you will get to see and experience an authentic and ‘in-depth best’ of your destination. No jostling with crowds to get a photo opportunity or window seat. Get further off the beaten track than you would on your own and without the organizational hassle.

  1. Small Group Tours generally have expert Tour Guides, who can provide more Individual Attention and support

In a larger group tour, if the tour guide is telling the group about a particular attraction, it’s likely that half of the tour isn’t listening, is unaware that the guide is speaking, or is distracting the other half.

With smaller group tours, it is much easier to speak to a small group of people and answer any questions they may have if everyone in the group is paying attention. These guides are generally a lot more enthusiastic, knowledgeable and experienced – an invaluable source of information on your destination.

When travelling on your own, you don’t have someone who finds out more about your individual preferences, likes and dislikes along the way and caters accordingly.

  1. Small Group Tours Offer More Flexibility

Large group tours have a fixed itinerary that cannot easily be changed or altered. Smaller group tours offer the possibility of spontaneity and being more flexible, including attractions or destinations someone in the group would specifically like to see.

In this way, small group tours can become more personalised to the interests and desires of the group instead of a more generic itinerary.

  1. Small Group Tours Can Find Better Accommodation

It’s much simpler to accommodate smaller groups than larger groups and we can get to hand-pick what would be best for the group, balancing comfort, convenience and location. Smaller groups are generally able to stay in nicer hotels or boutique accommodations while larger groups need to stick to hotels that have the capacity to accommodate larger numbers.

Smaller groups are also easier to control and keep track of so that no one is misplaced or overlooked.

  1. Small Group Tours mean less time waiting around and more time seeing the sights

You don’t have to spend so much time waiting to check in and out of hotels, getting on or off transport or lining up at the buffet counter. Transport on a small group tour is also generally more comfortable and easier to access.

  1. Small Group Tours allow you to share the experience with like-minded companions and make new friends

Travelling with a group of people means half of the fun is sharing experiences with them. This is easier to do with a small group tour as you are less likely to want to go and do something on your own when your group is small enough to feel like a close-knit group of friends.

Smaller groups bond faster and stronger than if there were too many people. It’s also easier to create friendships both individually and as a group in small groups. Smaller group dynamics tend to be warmer and more cohesive than larger groups which tend to split off into smaller groups.

  1. Small group tours allow you to do more and at a better cost than you would by yourself

By sharing transport and logistics to off-the-beaten-track spots and experiences allows small group tour participants a safer and more cost-efficient method of exploring. Generally, small group tours can be very good value!

  1. Reduce your environmental impact

By travelling together in small groups, your carbon footprint is much less than travelling in private vehicles. We also take responsible tourism seriously and ensure our ground operators do the best they can for the environment and communities we operate.

  1. Keep yourself and your belongings more safe and secure

Being part of a travel group means you and your possessions are less of a target to criminals. Also, if you get ill or injured you have a group leader who can provide you with immediate help.

At Journeys Worldwide, we are passionate about cultivating exclusive travel experiences that offer truly immersive, fascinating and enjoyable itineraries. This is why all our tours are small group tours, where we tour with up to twelve people maximum, to try and ensure that every single one of our guests has the very best experience possible.